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Grammie's Magic Words

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You must purchase this book! This is a magnificent chapter book for children, Grammies around the world and anyone else who encourages loving family relationships. Grammie's Magic Words shows an abundant of loving ways the power of a Grammie's love empowers the lives of children, adults and communities around the world through Flying Words.
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God's Wisdom for Successful Happy Ladies

Inspiring Quotes for Successful Living


"Review for God's Wisdom for Successful Happy Ladies:

"A GREAT READ!  God's Successful Happy Ladies helps females gain strength, worthiness, love and true friendships through a collection of inspiring biblical scriptures that actually works for life's unexpected challenges." 
~Annie Gould
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Miles away cover

Miles Away From My Dad


Miles Away From My Dad is a wonderful realistic fiction selection that's entertaining, humorous and an extraordinary treat for children and adults.
This modern day spectacular story is about Sam, a happy little fourth grader whose lifestyle changes when his parents make an announcement. An announcement which upsets the family's lifestyle forever and leaves him somewhat terrified about his newly acquired Private Investigator's skills, his parents' decisions and his personal dreams for success. However, the story does demonstrate the powerful effects of his loving grandparents and his dog, Jake.

Reviews for Miles Away From My Dad:

"Families contemplating divorce...separation...or custody battles...this is the book for you!  Miles Away From My Dad is a superb coping guide for children, parents, grandparents and others concerned. It's designed to provide strategies to help the entire family, but especially those innocent children, in a child friendly text, to help them realize life isn't over. They are still special children and they can still live a happy life and achieve successful endeavors in spite of this unfortunate family crisis.
~Ministry Gloria Cooley
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The Blessings of Faith

God Answers Sincere Prayers


The Blessings of Faith; God Answers Sincere Prayers is an exceptional, unique collection of inspiring prayers for the busy lifestyles of all cultures and ethnic diversities. It is a self-help, religious resource designed to boos self-esteem, faith and confidence for all prayer warriors.

It provides hope and comfort for those troublesome days life forces on us to destroy happiness. It's an instrument which embraces inner peace. It offers opportunities where all races can identify universal problems as well as promotes situations to help everyone take notice of their own life and get it more in focus with God's universal plans.

This prayer book also includes many elements of a good prayer and provides information concerning what mature Christians should receive God's answers for problems existing in our complex world today.

"Review for The Blessings of Faith:

"The Blessings of Faith is a wonderful Prayer Guide to own and share with others during life's turbulent days of uncertainties. It helps you gain confidence in yourself and reassures us of God's almighty powers, love, grace and mercy."  ~Ministry Joyce Young
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God's wisdom successful recovered


Royal Street-L. J. Rowan A Cultural Legacy 1950-1970


Memories, is my personal commemorative description of an exceptional legacy of young Black teens in Hattiesburg, Mississippi during the outcries of the Civil Rights Era. This portrait portrays students sharing special bonds of love, friendships, academic dignity and great respect for their Alma Mater, Royal Street-L. J. Rowan High during this time.

If you enjoy searching for time capsules and flashbacks of the United States' history, this profound Legacy can accommodate your thirst and help you understand Black students' desires for getting an education and succeeding beyond their parents' and grandparents' socioeconomic status or wildest dreams, during the crisis of the Little Rock Nine, the Norfolk's Seventeen, the Vietnam Anti-War Movement, the assassinations of President John Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Vernon Dahmer, as well as the wrongfully accused and cruel treatments of Clyde Kennard.

Trapped in this almost hopeless environment, many African American students escaped the horrors of society, and blossomed into well-adjusted educated citizens, prepared to enforce and enjoy all the freedoms of the United States Constitution and the competitive, global job market.

"Review for Memories...:

"Alums of the late L. J. Rowan High School of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, MEMORIES, Royal Street L. J. Rowan, A Cultural Legacy 1950 - 1970 is one of the best literacy selections you could own. This book brings back many special loving memories we experienced as teens while striving to become leaders of the world and most importantly, leadership positions some of us actually achieved.
~Terry Bell
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