About Dorothy Bell Lucas

Educator, Faithful Church Member, Community Leader, Wife and Mother, Writer.
Mrs. Lucas has overcome many obstacles throughout her life and pushed through challenges in her career.

During her teaching career, Mrs. Lucas enjoyed helping elementary students develop inquiring minds, tackling challenges and striving to become successful learners. She has won many awards and honors such as District Teacher of the Year from the Hattiesburg Public School System in Hattiesburg, MS and being a candidate of the prestigious National Board Teacher's Certification Program.

Mrs. Lucas had earned the title Who's Who in Black Mississippi and her name has been engraved on the Wall of Tolerance New Civil Rights Memorial Center in Alabama. She enjoys helping people promote good moral values while striving toward and accomplishing successes.

She received her degrees from Jackson State University. Residing in Mississippi, Mrs. Lucas and her husband have two daughters and three grandchildren.
I enjoy writing! It's an inspirational perk that serves as one of my relaxation strategies. Putting my pen to paper is so rewarding. This experience provides me many wonderful opportunities to inform, to entertain, to inspire people and capture minds and interest levels of readers around the world, of which, I welcome!
— Dorothy Bell Lucas

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